We are a Lakehead Public School that has served the East End community of Thunder Bay for over a century (1902-Present).

At one time, our school included students in Kindergarten through to Grade 12. In 1972, a new school, Ogden Community School, was built on the site of the old school. It was the first school in Ontario designed and built as a combined School and Community Centre.

Today, our site houses a Kindergarten – Grade 7 (K-7) school of approx. 180 students, a Community Centre and a Daycare.

We are proud members of the Westgate C. & V. I. family of schools. GO TIGERS!

Situated just off of Simpson Street, between Ogden and Robertson Streets, we draw students from Intercity to Victoriaville, and from May Street to the East End of the city. The school is a modern school with a gymnasium and a central library/computer centre.

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